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Evertech Cctv Security Camera - 700 TVL, Day Night Vision Ir Home Secu...

$230.00 $27.99

VideoSecu Home Video CCTV Surveillance Security Camera Outdoor Weather...

$125.00 $19.99

VideoSecu Outdoor Day Night IR Bullet Security Camera Infrared Weather...

$274.95 $35.00

Viper - Wireless Home Monitoring and Security System Starter Kit

$299.99 $17.49

VideoSecu 700TVL Day Night Outdoor Security Camera Vandal Proof Built-...

$449.95 $54.99

VideoSecu 600TVL Outdoor IR Infrared Home Dome Security Camera Built-i...

$199.99 $36.99

VideoSecu Day Night Vision Built-in 1/3" Sony Effio CCD CCTV Home...

$459.95 $49.99

Esky Clothes Hook Hidden Camera For Home security

$99.00 $13.99

VideoSecu Indoor Outdoor CCTV Bullet Security Camera Built-in Sony CCD...

$249.95 $39.99

GW Security GW104MW 900TVL 36 IR LEDs, Vari-Focal 2.8-12mm Manual Zoom...

$370.00 $39.99

A smart home is a safer home. Whether you want to add security cameras, a smart phone app to control what's going on at your house, or you want to make it safer for the kids (or the grandparents), this is the place to do it!

Why is a smart home important? Because you need to protect yourself and your family.

At HomeSoSmart, we're constantly surprised by how much smartphone technology altered the way most basic home features are being developed.

Starting with light dimmers, and temp control to door locks as you pull out of the driveway, so many chores can now be handled right through your cell phone or tablet.

Let’s face it, it’s harder to retrofit older homes – but not impossible. Lots of systems run less than $1,000 – with some even $500 and less. Look for wire-free devices that are not dependent on a wi-fi system.

Many of these run on Bluetooth technology, but you can expect to see all kinds of things emerging in the next couple years.

Look, if you’re sitting on a pile of money, there are systems that can cost as much as the house itself. That’s not what we’re concerned with here at HomeSoSmart. We want reliable, affordable, and easy to setup, right? I’ve picked out my favorites on our home page. Have a look around at the latest cool gadgets right here: